PixCap Docs


The 3D scene can be exported in various forms by clicking on the Export button dropdown on the top right corner.


Export animation as a FBX may take time to complete. An icon
indicates that FBX is being exported and when it completes, it will disappear. Click on it to open up a modal and the job can be cancelled anytime.


If exporting as GLB/GLTF, the animations will be baked into a single animation layer that reflects the final animation in the scene. The values of keys from the first existing keyframe to the last existing keyframe across all animation layers will be merged into one final layer.
Note that baking adds keyframes to every frame in the output GLTF file. Baking of animations (including IK) is required for cross compatibility across different software.
The start and end frames will not be taken into account.


The video export will render the scene from the perspective of the main camera, from the start to the end frame. Support for animating camera movements and creating extra cameras in the scene will be released shortly after beta. Stay tuned!

Publish to Web

Click on “Export -> Publish to web” to share your scene on the web. This will be a snapshot of the scene at the time it was published. Changes to your scene afterwards will not be in the published version. Note: You can click on publish again to reflect your latest changes. Do note however that this will override your previous published version.
A modal will appear displaying the Public URL of the published project or the Embed code.
The Public URL is a direct web link to the published project, while the embed code contains the link of the project to embed in tools such as Wordpress and notion. By default, the published project will loop the full animation from the start and end frame during the time of publish. Press “Spacebar” to play/pause the animation.
See URL link or Embed code for more detail.