PixCap Docs


3D files can be imported into PixCap in 2 simple ways.

Method 1: Import to 'Assets' tab, then drag into scene

Import files by dragging and dropping the file from your local machine into the PixCap app. These files will be uploaded directly to the ‘Assets’ tab and can be reused on any other projects.
These are the type of files you can import on PixCap:
  • GLB (binary version of GLTF)
  • FBX (make sure textures are embedded in FBX)
Drag-n-drop FBX files from your local system into PixCap
NOTE: It is recommended to embed textures into the raw GLB and FBX file. PixCap currently does not have a materials manager to manage materials and textures. That said, we will be shipping support for images, textures and materials in the coming months!

Method 2: Import directly to scene

Click import button at the top right corner to import GLB or FBX file directly onto the scene.