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AI Mocap

The AI Mocap ('AI Motion Capture') tab is where videos can be used as reference to speed up your animation workflow with AI. Human poses from any video can be quickly captured using our AI system.
The AI Mocap tab offers two main modes: Image and Video.
Tip Animators typically reference videos when creating their animations. Use PixCap’s unique AI Mocap feature to speed up your animation, from blocking to in-betweens.

Requirements (1): Uploading Videos

Requirements (2): Retargeting

To successfully map the output of PixCap’s AI onto your character rig, the rig would first have to go through a process called “Retargeting”.
Retargeting tells our system how to pose the AI output onto a character rig by creating an internal mapping between the character rig and our AI outputs. A character rig only needs to be retargeted once throughout the lifetime of the project.
Retargeting can be performed by clicking on the skeleton node of the character rig and pressing “Retargeting”. For more details, refer to the Retargeting section.


Do I need a good GPU to use PixCap’s AI Mocap?

PixCap’s AI Mocap is run entirely on our servers, no GPUs are needed on your local machine.

Can it work on videos with multiple people?

Yes for image mocap. The bounding box feature in image mocap tells the AI which person to focus on in the image.
No for video mocap. The video should only have one person throughout the video sequence.