PixCap Docs

Animation Mode

The default mode. Use animation mode for animating, creating and adding objects into the scene.
Timebar, Timeline, Graph Editor, AI Mocap, Animation Layers and Assets tab are unique to Animation mode.


When animating, if a bone of a skeleton has been adjusted (but the animation not keyed), it will be displayed with a red highlight. This occurs only in Autokey OFF mode. You can press S to save the key in the current frame (and current active layer), and the animated bone will return to its default color (no longer red).
There are 2 ways to manually save animated keys (especially when Autokey is OFF):
  • Press S to manually save your animation every time an object is moved (not needed if Autokey is ON, which autosaves your key).
  • Or clicking on 'Keyframes Dialog' in the Bone tab, which will trigger a dropdown of all the keys that have not been saved. Click on the relevant key(s) and press "Add Keys" to save the selected keys into the current frame.
Keyframe Dialog is the best way to save all your animated objects at once without having to click on every single moved object to save the key.


What happens if I made a lot of edits in Autokey = OFF mode, and then accidentally moved the current frame? Do I "lose" all my unsaved keyframes?

If you switch to a different frame, the animation will reset to that frame. To get back to where you were and restore your "unsaved keys", press undo using Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Cmd + Z (Mac). This will go back to that frame where you made changes and contain all the unsaved keys.