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Create 3D designs for illustrations, ads, banners, games, webpages, apps, AR/VR... anything!

Thousands of 3D models, templates and animations available in the PixCap 3D Library.

Powerful PixCap Editor for full-function 3D editing and animating.

Fast & Easy!

  • Much easier to learn than existing 3D software (Maya/Blender) but still powerful enough to create the 3D content you need.

  • Entirely online: no downloads, installation, nor licenses required. Create, collaborate and make modifications to your 3D designs from anywhere in the world.

  • Design 3D illustrations yourself - no hiring 3D artists.

Export Beautiful 3D Designs in Minutes

The PixCap Quick Editor allows for quick adjustments to pre-made templates - edit colors, adjust the camera, toggle lighting, move objects and pose characters - then export your design as an image or 3D model.

Powerful 3D Editing

Bring your 3D design one step further with PixCap's advanced editor - create materials, 3D text, lights, character animation and much more. Extract and retarget animations. Animate objects and characters with PixCap’s timeline and graph editor. PixCap's editor functions will be familiar if you’ve used 3D software such as Unity, Maya, Cinema4D or Blender.

For advanced animators, PixCap includes Inverse Kinematics (IK) for characters.

Do Amazing Things

  • Keep up with graphic design and 3D trends - without learning complex 3D software.

  • Make your brand stand out from the Metaverse crowd with 3D designs - PixCap makes sourcing 3D content easier for metaverse creators.

  • Create 3D ads that are proven to dazzle customers.

  • Improve engagement and conversion of your web and mobile apps using 3D designs for UI/UX.

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