Graph Editor

The graph editor is a powerful tool used to fine-tune and control keyframes and the interpolation/easing between keyframes. The keyframe values and interpolation can be changed to create dramatically different results. Interpolation between two keys is represented as a graph, or curve, hence the name ‘graph editor’.

Creating/Saving Keys (Press S)

You can create/save a keyframe by pressing “S” on your keyboard. This saves keyframes of all properties of the currently selected nodes at the current frame. If no nodes are selected, nothing will happen.

Alternatively, you can double click (or right click and press "Add Key") on anywhere on a curve, and a key will automatically be added to that curve at that frame.

Moving Keys

Click and drag on keys to move and adjust them. Right click on a keyframe to directly adjust values, tangent types, interpolation mode and delete key.

Shortcut: If you don't want to click on the selected keys to move them, you can use the following shortcut to move and drag selected keyframe(s) from anywhere in the graph editor.

  • Windows : Hold down Alt + Left click

  • Mac : Hold down Option + Left click

Tip: Mouse down, then Ctrl + Drag: Move a keyframe(s) (or bounding box if more than one keyframe is selected) left and right without changing the Y-values.

Tip: Mouse down, then Shift + Drag: Move a keyframe(s) up and down without changing the X-values.

Selecting keys

To Select / Multi select

  • Windows : Hold Shift + Left click.

  • Mac : Hold Shift or Command + Left click.

or left click and drag to create a bounding box, every keyframeinside this box will be selected.

To add more keyframes to the selection, hold shift and mouse drag.

To remove keyframes from the selection,

  • Windows : Hold Ctrl + Left mouse drag.

  • Mac : Hold Command + Left mouse drag.

Invert Selection

  • Windows : Hold Shift + Ctrl + Left mouse drag.

  • Mac : Hold Shift + Command + Left mouse drag.

Scaling Keys

To scale multiple keys at once, drag the sides of the bounding box. This can be scaled up, down, left and right.

To scale along the middle of the bounding box, hold Shift then drag

'Tween' / In-between Button

This tool help animators create precise in-between keys or overshoot. It's a time-saving tool for animators to pose animations faster. This works the same as TweenMachine in Maya.

Hold down Shift and mouse hover over 'T' button to create an overshoot.


If the 'Normalize' button is ON, all the selected curves that displayed in the Graph Editor are scaled to fit within a range of -1 to 1. This is handy for adjusting multiple curves with very different keyframe values.

Keyframe input

The frame and value here is represent a selected key’s current frame and value. You can edit them by entering values from the keyboard and press enter to save the new input.

Interpolation Types

There are 3 interpolation types.


By default, tangents are flat. This can be changed with the 'Auto tangent' button. Auto tangent allows the curve to smooth itself out.

Right click on the selected keyframes to access more options for manipulating tangents.

Tangent weights

Tangent handles can be set to weighted ON or OFF. If ON, the handle can be stretched out, giving you even more control over the final curve.

Set Broken Tangents

This allows you to manipulate left and right tangent handles individually i.e. moving the left tangent will not affect the right tangent.

Adjustments to the keyframes and curves in the graph editor will dynamically update the animation of the relevant node(s) in the scene, which is a neat property. However, there are cases where such adjustments would not affect the node(s) in the scene due to the presence of overriding animation layers, or if the curves are on a layer with zero weight. For more info, refer to the Animation Layers section.

Controls and Shortcuts

Mouse wheel to Zoom in/out

To zoom on X only

  • Windows : Hold Ctrl while using the mouse wheel

  • Mac : Hold Cmd while using the mouse wheel

F Key, Focuses the graph editor on the selected keyframes. If no keyframes are selected, zooms out on all curves and keyframes. Both X and Y on the graph editor are adjusted.

Delete key to delete selected keys in the graph editor

Select all keys in the graph editor

  • Windows : Ctrl + A

  • Mac : Cmd + A

Copy selected keys. Copied keys are transferable across layers.

  • Windows : Ctrl + C

  • Mac : Cmd + C

Paste the copied keys

  • Windows : Ctrl + V

  • Mac : Cmd + V

Keys will only be pasted for the same node properties and visible curves in the graph editor. For instance, if keys from the position property are copied, pasting the keys into a rotation property will not take effect.

Copy and cut selected keys.

  • Windows : Ctrl + X

  • Mac : Cmd + X

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