The Dashboard is where you can open existing 3D design projects, start new projects, and even join the PixCap Discord server. Access the PixCap Library, where you can choose from thousands of 3D models to use in your 3D design projects. Manage 3D design projects that have been shared with you by project team members. Short tutorials are available to help you get up to speed quickly.

Explore Tab

Access the PixCap Library, available in the Explore tab. Search the Library by keyword for specific 3D models or scenes. Many Library assets are grouped in Packs so you can work with consistent styles and concepts efficiently.

Select the model or scene of your choice to continue to the next step: download image, open in Quick Editor, or open in PixCap Editor.

Note: The Library is also accessible directly from the PixCap Editor.

My Projects Tab

Manage your 3D design project using the My Projects tab - open existing projects, duplicate projects, rename projects and delete projects.

The My Projects tab of the Dashboard will usually be the first interface screen you see when you access the PixCap 3D design app.

Shared with Me Tab

Collaborate with 3D design team members, and when they share a PixCap project with you, it will appear listed in the Shared with Me tab.

Tutorials Tab

Get started designing 3D content quickly with PixCap Tutorials.

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