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Panel used to adjust most of the scene's values, including transforms (position/rotation/scale), IK/FK, and more.
The Inspector allows you to adjust the properties of the selected node(s), including translation, rotation and scale.
The properties in the inspector will be displayed based on the selected type(s). All nodes will have translation, rotation and scale. Nodes such as IK will have additional properties including pole angle and IK weight. Almost all of these properties can be animated.
Besides typing values in the input field, you can drag left and right to make adjustments.
Adjust the value inputs or drag left and right to make adjustments
NOTE: What happens if multiple nodes are selected?
If multiple nodes are selected, different values will be displayed as ‘-’ (Unity users would be familiar with this convention).

Renaming Nodes

You can rename the node(s) using the input field next to an 'Eye' icon.


You can also toggle the visibility of the node(s) using the
icon. This button functions the same as the visibility button in the scene tree.