FAQ for Illustrators

I'm already using Maya/Blender/3DS Max/C4D... why should I use PixCap?

Simple, faster and powerful FK/IK setup: PixCap IK comes with bake FK/IK and mirroring out-the-box. Unlike existing animation software that requires complex rig setups, our setup only takes 5 simple steps.

Which 3D software is most similar to PixCap?

Maya users will find using PixCap very familiar, including shortcuts, animation layers and IK/FK (with in-built snap FK to IK, IK to FK and mirroring).

How is PixCap different from Blender/Maya?

Much simpler and easier to learn. Beginners can learn to use PixCap in only minutes, and can master PixCap in just a couple of days - compared to months in Blender/Maya.

What are the limitations of PixCap?

At the moment we only support character body animation with fixed leg/arm IKs, without facial animation support. We are working on a morph targets/blend shapes system for facial animation and rigging - coming soon!

Can I import/export FBX?

Yes, PixCap supports FBX and GLTF imports/exports. PixCap will bake the current animation into a single animation layer.

Does PixCap run smoothly on a browser?

PixCap runs at 50-60fps for scenes with 1-2 million polygons on good laptops.

How do I import a PixCap animation or scene into Unity/Unreal?

You can export your PixCap scene as FBX, and drag the FBX into Unity/Unreal. Note: PixCap will bake the current animation into a single animation layer.

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