Inspector Tab

Set an asset's properties in the Inspector tab, found in the Properties panel.


Select the 3D model and Transform it's Position, Rotation and Scale in the Inspector tab.


Switch between cameras.

Please see our Camera page for more information on how to add, setup and animate multiple cameras.

Environment Lighting

Set the color and intensity of the environment light.

Character Setting

Toggle the visibility of character bones.

Post Effects

Adjust the final output of your 3D design with these Post effects.

Tone Mapping

Tone mapping reduces the tonal values within an image to make them suitable to be viewed on a digital screen. For example, an HDR photo that has a 100,000:1 dynamic range needs to undergo tone mapping so that the tonal values fall between 1 and 255.


Add a darker border at the periphery of images to intentionally highlight certain aspects of the image at the center.

Color Balance

Set values for Hue, Density and Saturation for Shadow, Midtone and Highlight.

Glow Effect

Set the intensity of the Glow Effect to enhance your 3D design.

Mirror to

To access Mirror tool, select any character bone and you will see the Bone settings in the Inspector tab. Our system automatically matches the opposite selected bone for you and with every editing action, it will copy all transforms to the other side when clicking on "Mirror to".

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