The timeline complements the timebar by allowing direct adjustments to the start, end and current frames, as well as manipulation of keyframes.

In this example, the start frame is at frame 0, end frame at frame 20, current frame at 2. Click and drag on these frames to adjust your animation.

Adjusting Start / End frame

You can adjust the Start frame and End frame to only play the animation you want. There are 3 ways to adjust Start/End frame.

  • Using the input box at in the Timebar to set Start/End frame

  • Click and drag the blue flag on the Timeline to adjust the Start/End frame.

  • Using shortcuts to quickly adjust the position of Start/End frame by placing the current frame handle to frame number and press I on the keyboard to set Start frame O on the keyboard to set End frame.

Keyframe marker (red line)

The red vertical line (also called a “Keyframe marker”) indicates the presence of keyframes at that frame for all currently selected node(s).

To move the keyframe marker(s), 1. Shift + Left click to select keyframes (yellow = selected). Ctrl + Left click to deselect 2. Click on the yellow box highlight and drag.

Tip The red lines on the timeline functions similarly to a ‘dopesheet’. Moving the red lines equates to moving the keys of all the selected nodes at those frames. The closer the red lines are to each other, the faster the animation. The more spread out the red lines are, the slower the animation.

Tip If you would like to move the keys of all the selected nodes at once, adjusting the red lines would be the fastest way to do so (instead of adjusting the keyframes from the graph editor for every curve).

Scaling on Keyframe Marker

To scale on the keyframe markers, Shift + drag to select markers and click + drag on the blue arrow to scale/move keyframe markers.


Left click to Move Current frame / start frame / end frame

Select keyframe(s): Ctrl / Shift + Left Click on Windows, Cmd/ Shift + Left Click on Mac Right click to Deselect keyframes

Middle mouse drag to Pan

Mouse wheel to Zoom in/out


Copy timeline keyframe: Ctrl + C on Windows, Cmd + C on Mac

Paste timeline keyframe: Ctrl + V on Windows, Cmd + V on Mac

Delete keyframes: Delete

Focus on Curves: F

Next Frame i.e. Frame + 1: ->

Previous Frame i.e. Frame - 1: <-

Skip to Start Frame: Ctrl + <- on Windows, Option + <- on Mac

Skip to End Frame: Ctrl + -> on Windows, Option + -> on Mac

Play/Pause animation: Spacebar

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