PixCap Docs
Frequently Asked Questions


Can I work on my scene offline?

PixCap currently requires an internet connection to run, though we will be adding support for offline mode shortly after beta.

Can PixCap scenes be loaded if I’m not connected to the internet?

Not out the box, though we will be adding offline capabilities and storage in the near future. It is also possible to export the scenes from PixCap as a FBX/GLTF/GLB file for use in 3D packages like Blender, Maya, Unity and Unreal engine.

Do I need to be an animator to use PixCap? What skills do I need?

Only basic knowledge of 3D is required for users to start using PixCap, regardless of animation background.

Do I need to import 3D models to animate?

Yes, 3D models can be imported directly into PixCap. We will be adding out-the-box 3D models and templates in the near future.

Does my 3D character need to be rigged before importing into PixCap?

Yes, rigged 3D characters would need to be imported into PixCap. We aim to allow users to upload non-rigged 3D character meshes and use auto-rigging and weight-painting sometime this year.

Can I do 3D modelling on PixCap?

Not at the moment. PixCap currently only supports 3D animation capabilities, including AI motion capture.

I have a 3D scene in Blender or Maya. Can I use it in PixCap?

PixCap supports FBX and GLTF imports. Simply export the 3D scene as an FBX or GLTF (GLB recommended) and import it into PixCap.


What is in the roadmap for PixCap?

Real-time collaboration, community of animations and a marketplace are in the PixCap roadmap. In terms of animation, we will be adding weight-painting, auto-rigging, keyframe reduction and multi-camera support this year, along with primitives and materials.


What are the system requirements to run PixCap?

To run PixCap, you simply need to have a web browser installed. We recommend Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Do I need a GPU?

PixCap can run on desktops and laptops without GPUs. A fast CPU is recommended.

Does PixCap support mobile devices?

PixCap can run on mobile (tested on Safari and Chrome). Published projects can be viewed and rotated by touch on mobile devices. However, the PixCap editor UI and layout is not designed for mobile.

Which browsers are supported by PixCap? What about Internet Explorer?

PixCap runs on all major browsers, including the latest Internet Explorer.


How much does PixCap cost to use?

PixCap will be free during our initial beta. When the beta ends, users will be able to continue using PixCap for free, while pro accounts will be available on a monthly subscription basis.


Can I export my scene to 3D software such as Blender/Maya/Unity/UE4?

PixCap supports FBX exports and can be imported into Blender, Maya, Unity, UE4, and other industry-standard 3D packages. GLTF/GLB exports are also available.

How do I render a video of my scene?

Click on Export > Video.

How do I publish my scene onto the web?

Click on Export > Publish to web. A URL link to the published scene will pop up.


How can I get support?

Please contact us at [email protected], we will respond within 12 - 24 hours.

How do I report bugs?

Please post bugs and issues in our forums: https://forum.pixcap.com/


Will my 3D data be public?

Only published projects will be made public to anyone with the URL link. Users would not be able to download or export your published scene. All scenes and data in editor mode will be kept private. A Teams feature will be released shortly after beta to allow teams to work on the same scenes and projects.