Getting Started

Introduction to PixCap

Congratulations! For deciding to use PixCap for your 3D design projects - PixCap makes it easy for you to create professional 3D designs.

All models, scenes and animations in PixCap are available for commercial use.

PixCap Library

The PixCap Library is a great starting place for any 3D design project - especially for 3D design beginners. You'll find thousands of pre-made assets in the PixCap Library that will help you get your 3D design project completed quickly and easily.

Quick Editor

The PixCap Quick Editor allows you to make quick and simple adjustments to models and scenes in minutes - edit colors, adjust the camera, toggle lighting, move objects and pose characters. And then export your 3D design as an image or a GLB model file - directly from the Quick Editor. The PixCap Quick Editor truly is the fastest and easiest way to produce professional-quality 3D designs.

Full Editor

Bring your 3D design one step further with PixCap's advanced 3D editor - add and adjust materials, 3D text, lights, character animation and much more.

The PixCap editor will feel familiar if you’ve used 3D software such as Unity, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender.

Importing Assets

Import your own 3D assets into the PixCap Editor by clicking on File > Import. Or drag and drop assets directly onto the PixCap interface.

Exporting Content

Export your creations in many formats, including PNG and JPG image, animated GIF image, both FBX and GLB model types, and video.

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