Quick Editor

The Quick Editor is the quickest and easiest way to produce production-quality 3D designs. The Quick Editor can be accessed by selecting any model or scene in the PixCap Library, then click on the Quick Editor button.

Next, you have the option to download the image as it is, open the asset in the Quick Editor. or open the asset in the PixCap Full Editor for full-featured editing. Click on the Quick Edit button.

The PixCap Quick Editor is great for simple changes to PixCap Library assets. Move, rotate or scale assets - or remove assets. Change the background color, or import your own background image. Alter the color of materials to conform to your own color scheme. Adjust lighting by toggling shadows and changing the color of the lighting. It's easy to try many adjustments to see what looks best. Have fun with it!

Finally, export your 3D design as an image or GLB model. It's easy, and it's quick = Quick Editor!

Take your 3D design even further and open your project in the PixCap Editor to experience full-featured 3D editing where you can add more assets, animation, more lights, shapes, 3D text, and more!

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