IK Inspector Tab

What is IK?

IK (Inverse Kinematics) is a powerful alternative to FK (forward kinematics) for animating complex chains. See more info on IK settings here, including how to blend between FK and IK. IK is well-suited for moving limbs to a position in 3D space, such as planting a foot onto the ground and animating a walk cycle.

Setting Up IK

Select a character bone, then click on the IK setup button available in the Character tab in the Properties panel. For full details on IK and setting it up, please refer here: IK Setup

After IK has been set up, select an IK handle to view options in the Inspector tab.

Use these functions to...

Set FK to IK

Move the FK object to the IK handle position.

Set IK to FK

Move the IK handle to the FK object position.

Bake FK into IK Rigs

Convert every animation frame's FK data to IK data.

Tip: Converting FK to IK will make foot cleaning and adjustments a lot easier and faster.

Bake IK Rigs into FK

Convert every animation frame's IK data to FK data.

Snap IK to Ground

Moves the selected IK handle to Y=0

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