There are 3 main gizmo types: position, rotation and scale. Click and drag on the gizmo handles to manipulate the properties of the selected node(s).

Located on the top-left of the 3D viewport

To access the different types of gizmos, click on the top-left corner of the 3D viewport or use the shortcuts below. Each comes with its own icon and can be quickly accessed through their shortcut.


  • =/+: Increase the size of the gizmo

  • -/_: Decrease the size of the gizmo

Locked mode, faded grey means that the transform is locked and the gizmo cannot be adjusted.

Advanced: Centering the Gizmo (if multiple nodes are selected)

Center and Pivot defines where the gizmo is positioned among the selected nodes.

If Center, the gizmo will be located in the average position of all selected nodes.

If Pivot (default), the gizmo will be located at the last selected node.

Advanced: Making the gizmos default to global (world axis)

Local and World defines whether the gizmo is in local (relative to the selected node(s)) or global.

If Local (default), the gizmo rotation will match the rotation of the selected node(s). If World, the gizmo rotation will be at 0,0,0, irrespective of the underlying rotation of the selected node(s).

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