3D Viewport

The main method to navigate the viewport, in the center of the interface, is to use mouse panning and zooming. Users from Unity or Maya might find navigating the viewport familiar. See Main controls.

Gizmos are used to manipulate position, rotation and scale.


Mesh/Bone selection

Selected meshes will have a red outline, while selected bones of skeletons have a green highlight.

If a bone of a skeleton has been adjusted (but the animation not keyed), it will be displayed with a red highlight. This happens when adjusting a bone while Autokey is OFF. See Animation mode for more

Multiple selection

Click and drag to create a bounding box, every component inside this box will be selected.

To add more components to the selection. Hold shift and mouse drag or click.

To deselect some of the components. Hold Ctrl / Command and mouse drag or click.

To invert the selection. Hold shift + Ctrl / Command and mouse drag.


You can toggle the camera view between perspective and orthographic mode, located on the top left of the 3D viewport. Or click on the shortcut below:

Shortcut: P key

Perspective View

Orthographic View


Bones can easily be toggled on and off. Simply go to the 'Bones' tab on the bottom-right corner or press H on the keyboard for the shortcut key.

Our default Skybox and Grid can also be turned on/off to suit your needs. Simply deselect everything and these options will appear in the inspector.

Main Controls

Pan Camera

  • Middle mouse button + Mouse drag OR

  • Windows : Alt + right click drag.

  • Mac : Option + right click drag.

Rotate Camera

  • Windows : Alt + left click drag.

  • Mac : Option + left click drag.

Zoom In/Out

  • Middle Wheel up and down

Zoom/Focus on selection

  • F Key

Select / Multi select one at a time

  • Windows : Hold Shift / Ctrl + Lift click

  • Mac : Hold Shift / Command + Lift click

Add Selection

  • Hold Shift + drag to select

Multi Deselect

  • Windows : Hold Ctrl + Mouse drag

  • Mac : Hold Command + Mouse drag

Invert section

  • Windows : Hold Shift + Ctrl + Mouse drag

  • Mac : Hold Shift + Command + Mouse drag

Hide bones

  • H Key

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