Exporting Content

The 3D scene can be exported in various formats by clicking on the Export button dropdown in the top left corner of the PixCap interface.


When exporting animation as a FBX, the process may take some time to complete.


If exporting as GLB/GLTF, the animations will be baked into a single animation layer that reflects the final animation in the scene. The values of keys from the first existing keyframe to the last existing keyframe across all animation layers will be merged into one final layer.

Baking adds keyframes to every frame in the output GLTF file. Baking of animations (including IK) is required for cross compatibility across different software and platforms.

Note: The start and end frames will not be taken into account.


The video export will render the scene from the perspective of the selected camera, from the start frame to the end frame.

Please see animating camera movements and creating extra cameras for more information.


Export your animated 3D design as a GIF image file. Use the Frame Drop Percentage slider to control GIF file size.


Export your 3D design as a PNG or JPG image file. Transparent background option available for PNG images.

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