PixCap Docs
Why PixCap?
PixCap is a 3D animation software (browser-based) with AI motion capture from videos and images.

Why use PixCap?

  • Up to 5x faster to animate character body animations in PixCap than existing software (e.g. Maya, Blender and Akeytsu)
  • Much easier to learn than existing software (learn in a day vs a month in Maya/Blender)

How does PixCap speed up animation?

  • Our AI image algorithm captures human poses (including fingers) from any image source in under a second. On average, this saves animators 80-90% of time spent blocking poses, giving them more time to fine-tune.
  • Our AI video capture system captures the timing of animations and rough poses fairly well. 5-10 seconds of animation can be captured in 30 seconds vs 3 hours keyframing the same reference from scratch. Not as good as a mocap suit, but much more control over the input source and more possibilities with videos from the internet. Noise and foot sliding issues can be 'cleaned' with our graph editor, animation layers and IK/FK system, all in one place.
Other Perks:
  • Entirely online, no downloads or licenses. Iterate and make modifications from anywhere.
  • Free for core animation features.
  • Much simpler alternative to the industry standard 3D tools e.g. Maya and Blender, but still powerful enough to create robust animations
  • Directly export 3D content from PixCap to the web.
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