PixCap Docs

Web Publishing

Share your project as a URL

You can easily share your animation with anyone with a URL link.
The published link can be easily accessed from the Editor. To get the link again, simply deselect everything in the scene, and in the Inspector tab you will see a URL link pointing to your published project.

Advanced Publishing Options (WIP)

This takes you to a publishing mode. The Start and End frame will be the length of your publish animation. User has an options to customise 'Project Detail' and setting to the project before sharing it.

Thumbnail Preview

The thumbnail will be set for you when enter publishing mode. To save a new thumbnail, mouse hover over 'Save thumbnail' button and click to save a new thumbnail and default camera position / orientation.


Who can see the project? A dropdown selection between Everyone and Anyone with link.
Viewer can comment A toggle to turn on/off. Allowing viewer to comment on the project or not.
Allow ‘Open in Editor’ A toggle to turn on/off. Allow viewer to duplicate and use your animation on their editor.
Timebar Controls A toggle to turn on/off. Allow viewer to have more control when play animation. Tab spacebar to play/pause animation without the Timebar controls.
Brand Logo A toggle to turn on/off (Premium member only). Show PixCap logo on the published project.
Once you finish filled in the information click the PUBLISH button and wait for URL / Embed to generate a link for you.

Embed your project in a Webpage

You can embed a PixCap animation project in any website as an iframe. Once your published link has been generated, click on 'Get Embed' button to get the iframe snippet. Click 'copy link' and then paste it into your site’s javascript.
Embed code is used to embed your project on your Websites or Blogs