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Image Mocap

Image Mode

Image mode allows capturing poses from any chosen frame in a video. This is well suited for animators who want fine control over each frame and in the process speed up their posing workflow with PixCap’s AI. Image mode can help speed up posing (also known as ‘blocking’) anywhere from 2-5x, depending on the complexity of the pose.
If the frame consists of multiple people, use the bounding box feature to tell the AI which person/pose to focus on.
The output of Image mode is the full human pose from the image/video reference, mapped onto the chosen humanoid character rig. This output is represented as rotations for the relevant character bones. In the case of the Hips bone, there is an extra position to represent the overall root motion. If Autokey is ON, the outputs will be automatically saved as keyframes in the active layer. If Autokey is OFF, the poses will be temporarily stored as rotations/positions on the character bones. To save the rotations/positions, select all the relevant character bones and press “S” to keyframe all the poses into the active layer, at the current frame.
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