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Image vs Video Mocap

What is the difference between Image and Video Capture, and when to use?

Image Capture captures a pose from any given frame of a video. Video Capture captures all the poses per frame from a given start to end time of a video.
Pros of Image Capture - Much faster (about 1 second). Applies the pose to your chosen character rig directly - Captures fingers - More control, less cleaning. Especially useful for keyframe animators and pose-to-pose animation - Can focus on a human in a given frame (using the bounding box feature), which is useful for image sources with multiple humans Pros of Video Capture - Easier and faster to create animations than doing pose-to-pose, even with the help of Image Capture - Gets the timing of the animation relatively well, though there may be quite a few errors/artifacts and cleaning would be required. - Output is an animation clip, which can be applied to any retargeted character.
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